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Tuesday, May 17

FOs All Around!

I wasn't planning to post again tonight, but this was so exciting I had to share. I took the DDs to knit with From the Heart at the library. My mom even joined us.

I'm so proud of DD#2 - she has her very first FO!!!!!! And look, she's doing the Rachel!

She's only 8yo and just learned to knit in October. This scarf is for her dad. It was going to be his Christmas present but it wasn't done in time. It was going to be his birthday present (his bday is in January) but, well you know. So she finished it tonight and will give it to him for Father's Day. She was so tickled to have it finished that she just kept bouncing up and down and giggling. When it was all done, everyone in the room (about 15 people) applauded!

And guess who else finished her first FO tonight - my Mom!!!! And look, she's also doing the Rachel!

Everyone applauded for her too!