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Tuesday, May 17

At Last!

Would you believe I've been trying to post this for over a week?!?! Between Blogger eating my post too many times to count, and not feeling like blogging OR knitting, it's taken me a while to get back to this. So here goes!

I took tons of photos at MS&W and I know you've been overloaded with photos throughout blogland. If I were to try to post them all at the one time it would take forever to load and you'd probably be bored. So, I'll just share some here and there. (This also gives me plenty to post about for a while!) Here's the lost post:

I'm finally recovered from the wonderful world known as Maryland Sheep & Wool a.k.a. the Merlin Mutton & Woolie Thing a.k.a. the Sheep and Wool Orgy a.k.a. Sheep and Wolfestival a.k.a. MS&W a.k.a. MS$W.

I saw so many great things, fondled so much heavenly fiber and met so many fabu knitbloggers I don't know where to begin. So, I'll just give you a brief glimpse here and tell you who was there - or at least who I saw.

Saturday morning I met up with Lois (founder of From the Heart) and Brenda and we headed north. We stopped in McLean to pick up my new bud Rebecca, then we were on our way to the land of fibery goodness!

When I heard people talk about how overwhelming it is, I thought they were nuts. Boy - was I wrong!!! There was so much fiber (wool, cotton, alpaca, angora) in so many different forms (fleece, roving, yarn) in so many different colors that I didn't know where to start. And all the people - wowzer! It was crowded! But that added to the excitement and appeal.

I got to meet so many wonderful knitbloggers from all over the country: Nathania (CA), Greta (NC), Maggi (VA - she lives right here in Richmond but we hadn't been able to meet - I had to go all the way to MD to finally meet her!), Colette (NY), Jane (VA - I already know her from Richmond, but got to meet her sis and cousin and friend), Lawre (Jane's sis), Norma (NH), Mia (MD), Wendy (VA - her pal L-B is in my knitting group), Stephanie a.k.a. Steph-P-McPhee (see Stephanie, I told you we could shorten it for ease of autographing books!), Susan (PA) and Zira on her Magical Mystery Tour (Indigo Muse's stand-in for the Festival). Many apologies if I've missed anyone.

There were a few brief encounters (which translates to "we met and said hi but didn't really chat"): AnneMarie, Jenny and Carrie (all from GA) and Rachel & LaLa (CA).

And then there's the Saturday Nite Nine: Donna (there's a pic of me & Heather on her blog), Ei, Lauren (she was my SP4 - Lolly YOU ROCK!), and Heather (the MD girls), Rebecca (GA by way of VA/DC with a broken elbow no less!), Kelly (Heather's sis from MO), Elisa (MA), Kate (ME {Thanks Lolly!} Sorry Kate - I can't remember where you're from), and I make #9.

My haul/stash isn't ginormous, but I think I did pretty darn good for my first Festival. I'll share some photos of that too.

And last but not least - I must mention Al. Al is my new pal, and he met many of the wonderful folks mentioned here. Pictures to come soon!