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Thursday, April 14

I Got Mail ...

I've got to tell you, my Secret Pal totally rocks! Look at all the goodies I got in the mail today:

There's a cool reversible tote bag (Soleil, make yourself comfy, this is your home until you become an FO), a ball of Herb Garden (mohair/acrylic) from Ironstone Yarns, a ball of Electra from Plymouth Yarn, and 2 hanks of Handpaint Originals (mohair/wool) from Brown Sheep Company, some yummy bath goodies, a pom-pom maker from Japan - all of the instructions are written in Japanese - good thing there are pictures ;-), notecards, cool magnets, stitch markers, Creme Savers, a little tea sampler and a cute kit to make my own little stuffed sheep (not shown because I already started it *grins*).

Thank you so much, SP4. And I can't wait to meet you next month at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

The other two boxes arrived today too. One from Knit Picks and contained a couple of books: The Opinionated Knitter and Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I also got a box from Elann. This one had the yarn for my newest WIP, Soleil. (I joined the KAL too!) This is my first project using my new WONDERFUL Denise needles ... I'm already in love with them. L-B, thanks again for letting me "test drive" yours. It definitely sold me on them.

I'll try to post progress pix over the weekend.

Thanks, everybody, for your comments about the Sophie purse. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought it came out smaller than expected. I'll definitely be making more of them because I enjoyed it - besides, all my girls want one now!

Last night was our Knitting Meetup. About 6 people had RSVP'd that they would be there, but I guess somethings came up because only Jessica came. We had a great time knitting and chatting. It's still amazing how enjoyable it is to knit with another person.

Well, it's time for bed - I've got a busy day at work and then it's Girl Scouts. It makes for a long day, but it's worth it - G'nite!