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Tuesday, February 1

It's all about the M

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments about my first Mitten. DD#3 was very disappointed this morning when she tried it on -- it's too little for her (this pair wasn't knit for her - it will be sent to Russia for kids in the orphanages). I cast on for the 2nd mitten yesterday - it's my lunch-hour project at work - but I didn't work on it today because I went to the YMCA for a Pilates class.

Zarzuela - I started my first sock on dpns but since I've learned Magic Loop, I plan to use that technique for socks and mittens. It's amazingly easy. My next trick will be to knit the pair simultaneously on the Magic Loop.

Itgirl - you should definitely be watching/recording Medium too. It's really good. Although she's talking to dead people, it's not spooky or creepy. I think they've done a good job with this one.

Miss W - he will be a very well-accessorized, one-handed, Metrosexual pirate with a peg-leg!

Jenifer - check out this site for the Magic Loop - explains it very well. Good luck!

A quick question for you blogging gurus out there: when using Blogger, how can I strike-through (line-through) text in my post? Thanks for your guidance!