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Friday, November 12

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This first shot is of my very first pair of socks - Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn. Get a good look because it has since gone to the pond ... frogged ... ripped! There are WAY too many things on the SuperSecretChrissiePressie list to try my hand at socks with no intended recipient. So, the yarn is being reincarnated into SuperSecretChrissiePressie #3.

Up next is a shot of dd#2 wearing her Birthday Poncho.

And finally, this is dd#3 in her Halloween costume. She was a Gift! This was one of the absolute best costumes my girls have ever had and it took me all of 5 minutes to put together. We got more oohs and aahs in the neighborhood. She was too cute!!

I've had some exciting news ... well, at least I think it's exciting. You be the judge: There's a retail store in the building I work in. They carry some incredible stuff, including jewelry. The manager there really liked my bracelets (remember them?) and she wants to see if she can sell them in the store. Yes, it's exciting and flattering. But ... you haven't seen the SuperSecretChrissiePressie list. How am I going to get everything done on it and knit for the store too?!? Your thoughts?

A quick thanks to everyone for stopping by, reading, commenting and hanging out here at my blog. To reply to a few of your comments:

phoenix_anew: The Peruvian Collection Highland Wool I bought was Charcoal Heather and Ruby and it's for a SuperSecretChrissiePressie (and one for me too!)

Wanton Wonton: Cake or Death?

BTW - 43 knitting days until Christmas!!!!!!