Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloweenie!!!

Whew - It's done! I finished dd#2 Birthday Poncho at about 3pm today ... good thing because the birthday dinner was at 5pm! Had to use my bro's digital camera so I'm waiting for him to send me the pix. As soon as I have them, I'll post.

We got home from the dinner just in time to dress for Trick or Treating. dd#1 walked with the adults (she's "too grown to trick or treat anymore" - her words, not mine), dd#2 was a princess and dd#3 was a present - at dinner, dd#2 received a present in a giant gift bag, so I cut the bottom out of it, stapled tissue paper to the inside and put dd#3 in white tights and t-shirt and put the bag on her. She also had a curly-bow in her hair. Too cute! People at just about every door she knocked on thought she looked great. I'll post a photo or two when I get them from bro'.

The Brownies had SSSOOOOOO much fun Friday night learning to knit. Most of the girls picked it up pretty easily, of course they need to practice so we'll do this at more meetings in the future. A great big Brownie Thank You to the wonderful ladies with From the Heart, and my dear childhood friend for teaching the girls.

I've been RAOKed!!! Received the nicest little pick-me-up from Zeneedle. Margene, how did you know I had a sweet tooth?!? Thanks so much!

Well, hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow. Until then ...