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Tuesday, July 3

I'm Bad

I've been such a bad blogger ... or more specifically, a bad knit blogger.

I've not done a very good job as a resurrector of UFOs - I've frogged one and turned a few into FOs, but I haven't done a good job tracking them.

I've not been feeling the knitterly love lately either. I think my mojo is off a bit. I have 3 WIPs that are so close to being finished, but what did I do last week? Cast on for new socks!

Not just any socks, mind you ... the latest installment of the Socks That Rock Rockin Sock Club. The colorway is beautiful, vibrant and just ... stunning. The pattern looks like it's going to be a fun knit. And I simply couldn't resist - I turned one hank into a yarn cake and then one yarn cake became two so I can knit the socks in tandem.

I really need to finish two WIPs as they're baby gifts and the baby was born last month. They are both almost nearly finished - shouldn't take but an evening to knock them both out. I'm determined to have them done this weekend - no excuses. Then I can focus solely on the new socks guilt free!

Wish me luck!