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Wednesday, May 2

SP10 & STR2

Can I just say ... I have the BESTEST Secret Pal 10 EVER!!!!!! I'm such a bad blogger, because I didn't post these pictures when I got my 1st package last week, but here they are.

Wouldja just look at all those patterns?!?! My SP sent 6 sock patterns she had found on the internet (Monkey, Rolling Thunder, Kew, Diamante {all from Knitty}, Creeping Vines Socks, and Diamond Lace Socks), a pattern for a felted bag (Little Slip of a Thing), and the pattern for a beautiful scarf to use for the luscious skein of yarn. There's also an Addi needle gauge and the cutest felt key chain.

I don't know if you can read it, so I'll tell you what it is ... a skein of Scarlet Fleece Silk & Ivory from Holly Spring Homespun. This stuff is heavenly - I'll admit there's been some pretty heavy petting of the yarn since I received it!

And I received another little goodie package from my SP this week. The embroidery flosses are in the prettiest spring colors. I really need to work on some cross stitch again and this is the perfect motivation to do so.

And finally, I leave you with a progress shot of my current STR Sock Club socks