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Wednesday, April 18

Trying to catch our breath

DD#1 had another episode of hyperventilating this afternoon at school. I received a call from the school nurse that DD was in the clinic. I literally grabbed my purse and left my desk. Didn't shut down the computer or anything. Told my boss on my way out what was going on.

By the time I got to school to pick her up, the nurse had gotten DD's breathing almost back to normal, which subsequently got her pulse rate down (it was 160 bpm while she was hyperventilating - should be around 120ish).

I took her to the pediatrician and they have no explanation. The doc was concerned that, among other things, it's happened twice in less than a week and there is no obvious "trigger". The doc referred us to another pediatric neuroligist ... whose first available appointment is August 13th!!!!!!!! Neither DD nor I can wait that long ... fortunately my ex-DH works for the facility where the neurologist's practice is so he's trying to get us an earlier appointment. We should know tomorrow when they can see DD.

Please keep your fingers (and knitting needles) crossed that it'll be very soon. We're all terribly afraid this will keep happening.