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Sunday, January 21

A Whole Lotta Knittin'

... going on!

I've been working away on my Jaywalkers. I'm using Austermann Step. Can I just say ... I'm loving this yarn! Okay, I'll admit, I work very hard to knit only with yarns I like. Why knit with crap yarn if I don't have to, know what I mean?

This pattern is working up great, too. It's easily memorized. I was hoping to start on Sock #2 this weekend, but didn't get as much knitting done as I had planned.

We had Girl Scouts (need to order any cookies ... let me know!) Friday evening. Saturday I ran errands and went to a party with a friend. Today we had my godson's little brother's 2nd birthday party and then dinner at the parentals'. A very full weekend that didn't leave as much uninterrupted knitting time as I'd like. But alas, I'll have a little time in the morning ... due to the weather, the kids will be going to school 2 hours late. We've got some frozen stuff mixed with rain falling from the sky and it's all freezing up now that it's cold and dark out. Maybe I'll make some french toast for breakfast ... yummm!

I mentioned a whole lotta knittin ... well I wasn't the only one working on a project. DD#2 is working on a hat (oops, forgot to take a picture) and DD#3 (shown at right) is also working on her SECOND hat using the Knifty Knitter she got for Christmas.

She finished one hat already, but it was a smidge short for her. So she gave it to her cousin. It's not this neon in real life.

In that picture of her, she's using a Dora the Explorer tote bag to keep her knitting stuff in but it's just not big enough for the Knifty Knitter looms, so we bought a plain canvas tote and made it not so plain: