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Thursday, December 14

So little time

I've got 3 SSCPs on the needles right now and a couple more to start. I'm not stressing, but I'm a little concerned and maybe even a little bit in denial that Christmas is really only 10 days, 1 hours, 5 minutes and 43 seconds away.

I'm off work tomorrow and Monday, so hopefully there will be some decent blocks of knitting time in there. Let's see ... what's on the ToDo list (besides knitting) this weekend:

Friday -

  • dentist
  • GS troop holiday party
  • make meatballs for above party
  • buy 2 Secret Santa gifts for above party
  • go to the bank
Saturday -

  • Kids Craft at Michael's
  • buy more yarn for SSCPs while at Michael's
  • DD#3's birthday party* at Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • lunch at McDonald's with Birthday Girl and PartyGoers
  • adult holiday party at knitting friend's place (Hi Amanda!)

Sunday -

  • family birthday dinner* for DD#3 at the parentals'

Monday -

  • off from work, but kids also out of school and home with me

And somewhere in there I also need to do laundry, grocery shopping, clean the turtle tank, wrap presents, bake cookies and make toffee. Oh yeah, and eat, sleep and feed the kids regularly.

I'm sure I can carve out some knitting time. If I need to cut out things, I'll start with cleaning the turtle tank and go from there ::grins::

Let's see how much time is left until Christmas now: 10 days, 0 hours, 57 minutes and 51 seconds. Okay - back to the needles.

Want to know how much time is left now? Click here for actual time remaining until Christmas.

* DD#3's birthday is actually next Thursday, but to keep it completely separate from Christmas, we're celebrating this weekend.