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Thursday, December 28

Here a meme, There a meme

As the year draws to an end, I give you this is fun, quick meme I've seen a couple of others do.

Basically, you copy and paste the first sentence posted for each month of 2006.

~ January: Can't.Blog.Must.Knit.

~ February: I know - I know.

~ March: Congrats again to all the Knitting Olympians - I think Stephanie summed it up best: "It takes a village to freak out non-knitters ... and there is strength in numbers."

~ April: In case you haven't heard ... new Knitty on Monday!

~ May: The last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy.

~ June: Straight from Laurie, here's my hor-o-scope for June.

~ July: No post tonight ... many things to post about ... not enough time ... getting ready to go to the movies ... going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 at midnight with my dad. Ciao!

~ August: I must say - I'm sick to death of "service providers" and vendors screwing you at every turn.

~ September: So I'm at work this morning.

~ October: We're a hair over a week into Socktoberfest, so I figured it's a good time to answer Lolly's questions.

~ November: I know I've been lazy horribly remiss a total slacker about posting.

~ December: I've completed more SSCPs.

Hmm - I'm not sure what that says about me ... or my year.