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Monday, December 18

Deliveries *

Well, the first of the SSCPs will be gifted tomorrow. My group at work is exchanging pressies since it's the last day before Christmas that we'll all be in the office.

I just wrapped everything ... well, everything but Darth Tater. Not sure how to wrap him. In the a.m. I'll check the gift wrap center (box of bags, bows and stuff) in the closet in the kids room ... they're sleeping now ... and see if I have a large enough gift bag to put this baby in.

I've got Darth, 3 scarves (for the ladies) and 2 hats (for the guys) for tomorrow. Now that they're all wrapped and ready to go, I'm drinking a little homemade-extra-special-yummy-fully-loaded egg nog. Mmmmm mmmmm good! Love it!!!!

Tomorrow evening I've got another batch of gifties to wrap that will be delivered on Wednesday. I also have a few more things to knit before the big day ... I know, only 6 days, 0 hours, 37 minutes and 43 seconds to go.

* Oh - I received a couple of excellent deliveries in the last few days myself. I'll tell you about them later.