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Tuesday, June 6

Knitting/Laughing/General Merriment

So, how was your weekend? Mine turned out to be quite knitterly!

Sunday afternoon I made my way over to The Yarn Lounge with my mom. We stopped in to pick up a new book ... perhaps you've heard of it?

Wendy was in town doing the Central Virginia leg of her book tour.

Here I am with Wendy and Maxine - my mom made sure to stay BEHIND the camera ;-P

As always, it was great to sit and knit with L-B ::waving madly:: and I had the rare opportunity to knit and chat with Jane for a while. We've run into each other a few times since meeting last year at The Yarn Lounge and we keep up with each other's doings through our blogs, but this is the first chance we've really had for some quality knitting time together. It was also a pleasure to meet Jane's friend Isobel. And it was WONDERFUL to see Lawre's (Jane's sister) bee-yoo-tee-ful bags in person. I've already put the bug in Mom's ear that I'd like one next month for my birthday ::fingers crossed::

After the book signing, a number of us headed over to Cafe Gutenberg for drinks/dinner/dessert (or any combination thereof). Of course, in addition to eating/drinking, there was knitting/laughing/general merriment. By the way L-B, there's a space RIGHT HERE to put a shot of your, um ... er ... sock - I'm waiting for that photo!!!

{this space reserved for photo of L-B's sock}

What was I knitting during all of this fun? Glad you asked. I was cranking out some teeny tiny preemie baby booties for The Preemie Project. Here's my most recent batch. These will fit 1-3 and 3-5 lb babies.

And a close up - they're just so darn cute. And tiny. Did I mention these are tiny?

And in other knitterly happenings ... Friend has her second FO - woo hoo!!! This is a scarf she did for her SIL for Christmas. It's a kit from one of my all-time fave places ... Morehouse Farms.

This is a great drop-stitch pattern. And now for the close up:

And finally, I leave you with a shot of the flowers currently on my desk at work. I was in the grocery store last night to pick up a small mixed bouquet (I just love fresh flowers, don't you?!) to adorn my desk for the week. DD#2 and #3 asked who the flowers were for. When I explained that they were for my desk, they said, "No, don't buy those. We have some for your desk!" When we got home, they gave me these tissue paper flowers that they had made at Girl Scouts. And of course EVERYBODY at work stopped by to comment on my beautiful flowers!