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Monday, May 29

Knitting Content Ahead

I know it's been a while since I've posted any genuine knitting content, so, without further ado...

Here's my progress on The Clap:

Unfortunately, as many of you know, the little bit of sparkle in this yarn is very hard to photograh. I'm lengthening it ever so slightly (doing more repeats of the straight section) and will still have a fair amount of yarn left. I can't wait to get this baby finished! The drape of this fabric is heavenly - it's almost liquid-like. Yummy!!!!

And these are my Cedar Creek socks. I'm on the foot of sock #2 and WILL have these finished tomorrow night.

I really need to get these finished because I've already received my second shipment from the Socks That Rock sock club and want to get started on the new socks.

And this is the shawl I've been working on during lunch hour at work:

Friend is doing the same shawl, but in a different colorway. We're having fun with this one.

I found this over at Lauren's place - she shared info about Making the Connection, a cancer awareness and prevention group. Right now, they are offering free bead bracelet/anklet kits on their website. For every kit that is mailed out, $1 will be donated to cervical cancer research. Go order your kit now!

Edited to add: I did it!!! I finished the Cedar Creek Socks tonight!!! Woo hoo!!! Can I get a Hoo and a Ray?!?!