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Monday, May 22

It's official - I'm hooked

I don't know if you recall, but last month I walked in the Monument Avenue 10k ... yesterday I walked in the Carytown 10k and the weekend before I did the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, which was a 5k.

I'm not a runner. In fact, I have a strict don't-run-unless-being-chased policy. But, I'll walk. I was in the marching band in high school and did the March of Dimes Walkathon for several years. But I haven't really done any walking in the last few years.

A friend, who IS a runner (in fact, she did the Shamrock half marathon back in March), asked me to walk in the Monument Avenue 10k with her. I've now done 3 races in 6 weeks. I guess you could say I'm hooked.

I've even gotten DD#2 involved. She did the Kids 1/2 mile Race for the Cure on May 13th, and yesterday did the Harvey Memorial 1 mile Kids Run. She earned a medal for each race and is looking for the next one! DD#1 was too old to do the kids runs and DD#3 was too young, but she'll be able to do them next year.

I'd like to get the kids involved in more events like these so hopefully they'll have a more positive view/attitude about exercise than I do. That can only be a good thing, right?

Oh, you were looking for knitting content? There's definitely been knitting going on. I'll post about, with pictures, later.