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Sunday, March 26

A whole lot of nothing going on ...

... but this was a very different nothing. This was Intentional Nothing.

And this was where Intentional Nothing happened:

This is the cabin He rented last weekend. We got there Friday after work and had no plans - none whatsoever. It was incredible -- no watches, no timelines, no deadlines, no phones, no TV, no kids ... in a word ... Nothing.

And look at the view from the cabin:

I can't get over how relaxing and freeing it was to do Nothing. Friday night we watched the fire and talked. Saturday we drove into Charlottesville and just kind of wandered around, checked out a couple of yarn stores (I got the most beautiful knitting bag!) and had lunch at The Hardware Store. Then we went back to the cabin - He took a nap and I knit. Saturday night we watched a few movies, played pool and more Nothing.

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. There's something to be said for Nothing. And I can't wait to do Nothing again.