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Wednesday, December 7

The proof is ...

... in the pudding ... or pictures - which ever.

At last, here are some quick photos - proof, if you will - that SuperSecretChrissiePressie knitting has indeed been happening!

Here we have SSCP #9 - at last, a hat that will work for my bro - this has been a true test of my patience, diligence and determination. I've never had a more challenging project than this one. If you'll recall, this is the 3rd incarnation/pattern for this gift. I didn't even get 3" into the first one before I frogged it last year (after attempting it 5 or 6 times before giving up). Pattern #2 was actually completed last month, but was ginormous - I didn't even frog it, I was so disgusted and discouraged - I just threw it in the trash. So this one's the winner! He'd better like it!!!!

This is SSCP#10 - these socks are for DD#1. I'm enjoying this pattern, but it's slower than the other socks I've done. I'm afraid sock #2 may not be finished in time for Christmas so this one may be gifted on the needles. I love this heel - Eye of Partridge - I just love the way it looks.

And this is SSCP#11 - a fun, yet elegant, long scarf. These colors are perfect for the intended recipient.

See - I told you I've been knitting.