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Monday, December 12

Christmas is WHEN????

It is not yet time to panic - I'll tell you when it is, but this ain't it!

The SuperSecretChrissiePressie list has taunted and teased me once or twice (You can't possibly knit 20 gifts before Christmas - Yes.I.Can-Now.Hush!) but it hasn't beaten me. Not yet, anyway.

SSCPs #1-9 and #11 are finished and off the needles with the ends woven in. Those that require felting, have been felted. Woo Hoo!! That's what I'm talking about - these babies are ready to be wrapped!

SSCP #10 most likely will not be finished before the big day. It's a pair of socks for DD#1 and I'm not quite finished the first sock of the pair. This will be gifted with a Sock IOU.

SSCP #12 is another pair of socks (for Niece #1) that probably will be gifted with a Sock IOU - Sock #1 is done, but I don't think I have enough yarn to finish #2 - WTF? How'd that happen? I dunno but it did. Moving right along, no dwelling on these matters.

SSCP #13 is on the needles and should be finished tonight, with SSCP #14 coming along right behind it, hopefully to be knit tonight too - start to finish.

SSCPs #15 - 20 are going to knit up pretty quickly but then will require felting and drying time.

Let's see how good my math (and time management) are: tonight will see the completion of SSCPs #13 and 14. That leaves roughly 12 days (and nights) to knit (and felt) 5 items. This can be done - no sweat.

I'll holler at ya in a couple of days to see how it's going. Pray for me ... and send alcohol.