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Sunday, November 27

Hiya - Slacker here ...

... yeah, I know, it's been a while. Sorry. I've actually been planning/trying to post for almost 2 weeks, but haven't been able to get pictures of anything yet. But, I'll give you a quick update and try for pictures later.

Let me see, what's been happening? I've been doing lots of knitting. But it's going kind of slow.

I finished my socks - these were the ones I tried to do in time for the KR Retreat. I didn't get the 2nd finished in time to wear them at the Retreat, but they're done now and I am so in love with them!!! I'm already planning my next pair. But - that has to wait until after the SSCP knitting is done.

I've cast on for SSCP #10 - a pair of socks for DD#1 using this pattern. The yarn is from kpixie - I am loving this stuff. The stripes are working up so evenly.

And the hat for my brother? It is now in it's 3rd incarnation/pattern. I don't want to anger the Knitting Goddess, but I think we have a winner this time. I'm doing this pattern and so far so good! I've never double-knit before so this has been a learning experience too. I'm not quite half way through.

I've also been trying to put my living room back together. I got my new furniture, and just got the old stuff out today (Thanks Brook & Carrie!). Now it's time to get the holiday decor out and start putting up the tree.

Well, back to the SSCP list - Happy Knitting!