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Tuesday, October 11

Sorry, no cameras allowed

Here's the finished, cut and blocked Melody Shawl - I so love this. I think it turned out beautifully and was so fun to knit!

ETA: This photo is a little misleading - there is in fact fringe on both ends, but the way the shawl is laying in the picture, you only see fringe on one end. Sorry!

Now, it's official - SuperSecretChrissiePressie (SSCP) knitting has begun!!! I finished the last few pairs of orange preemie booties so all knitting for the next few months will be gifts. So, unfortunately, there will be a moratorium on photos of WIPs and FOs. I will, however, give you some teasers ... pictures of hopefully unidentifiable hand knits. I certainly can't go more than 2 months with no knitting photos - that would make this knitting blog even more boring than it already is! So, without further ado, here's the first SSCP teaser (SSCP #3):

And what is this?

Not only are these SSCP #4 and #5, but they're part of something bigger - Socktoberfest! And what is Socktoberfest, you ask? Just a bunch of us knitting socks this month - a very informal knitalong to see how many we can knit. I adjusted the SSCP list so a few folks will receive socks, but I won't tell you the patterns or who they're for yet.

I forgot to show you this from last week -- it's the ornament DD#3 made at the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier.

Here's the roving we bought so she can make some ornaments to give as gifts.

And on a non-knitting related note -- I ordered new living room furniture yesterday. It should be here in about 2 weeks - I can't wait!!! Although, I guess that could be knitting related too, since that's where I typically sit to knit!

Okay - back to the needles ... the SSCP list awaits.