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Tuesday, July 5

Where have all the FOs gone?

I can't believe I have no FOs for June. I've been knitting myself crazy but have nothing finished to show for it. But look out July! I'll have the Bellini Lace Shawl finished and blocked this week. The Fiber Crack blankie will be done this week and blocked very soon thereafter.

I hope to have the 2nd sock of my 1st pair (Tiny Cables Baby Sock) finished today - I'm going to take the 1st one down to my Godson's house and try it on John, his baby brother (5 months old), to make sure the fit is right. I would have had sock #1 finished Sunday night but I had to cast on like 5 times because I kept messing up the cuff. I didn't mess up once on the parts I was concerned about (picking up stitches/the gusset and kitchener stitching the toe). No siree Bob, not me. I mess up on what I should have been able to do with my eyes closed - the cuff. Oh well. Live and learn!

I want to get back to Soleil or it'll be too cold to wear once I get her finished. I also need to get going again on SuperSecretChrissiePressies. As you can see from the side bar, only 2 are done. I think I've got about 20 to do this year. Of course, that number is always subject to change. But it's early in the year yet. (Remind me I said that come November and I'm pulling my hair out trying to get all these gifts done!)

I'll try to get some photos posted in the next day or so. Later!