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Thursday, June 2

Mi casa es ...

... boring and blech.

Not much happening here. I've been knitting some every night on Fiber Crack (La's design - sorry, no photos allowed since she's considering submitting this design to Knitty), and the Bellini Lace Shawl is my to-go project du jour, but I haven't touched Soleil in a while.

Of course, the one project that will be for me (Soleil, that is) sits in her basket calling out to me, and when I don't respond, she mocks me. When I still don't respond, she conjures the Knitting Goddess to make whatever I'm working on go wonky.

Or maybe the wonkiness is because I'm too engrossed in whatever movie I'm watching and I don't pay attention to what I'm knitting ... Nah, that's not it.

Speaking of movies ... I told you last week I signed up for Netflix again this year. I got my 1st batch of movies last week. I've already watched Oceans 12, Sideways, Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, and Are We There Yet? I anticipate Mr. 3000 will be awaiting me in the mailbox when I get home. At the rate I'm viewing them, I expect to watch 4-5 movies each week. This will average to 16-20 movies per month and costing $.90-1.12 per movie. Not too shabby! And with the summer TV line-up what it is (yuck, yuck, yuck), this shouldn't be difficult to do.

We interrupt this post for a message from my pal Al:

Hi Guyz! Me say me speling and typin not the best - me no college gradiat and me haf no fingurs, so pleez bare wif me. Me c not so many pix from Merylyn Alpaca Fesdifal (Me kan callit wut me wantz!) anymor so me sho u 1 of minez:

Can u naim that blogur? Me had mutch fun meetin nitblogurz. Okie - Me rite mor nex time. Buhbye!

Well, there you have it. My pal Al's over here doing the my-first-post-I-wrote-myself dance. I've got to tell you ... Al's got a bunch more Name That Blogger pictures. Hmmm, maybe we'll have a little contest. Yeah, that's it! My pal Al will post more of his pictures for you to Guess the Blogger, and whomever gets the most correct will win something **. I don't know what yet, but something. When my pal Al posts the next picture I'll have him tell you how many there will be total. So, just leave a comment with your answer and let the best Blogger Guesser win!

** Fine print: In the event of a tie, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner. All decisions made are final blah blah blah.