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Monday, May 23

Just one of those days

Actually, it was one of those weekends.

*** Jedi and Wookies and Sith, Oh My! ***
Like a large portion of America, I went to see Star Wars Episode 3 on Saturday with my dad. He saw it Friday night with my mom, even though he was supposed to go see it with me. Humph! Anyway, it was a great movie. So much better than Episodes 1 and 2 and really sets the stage for Episode 4. Saturday evening I kind of vegged out and didn't do much except knit. Sometimes it's good to veg!

*** Plans ***
Have you ever tried so hard to do something, to make it happen and the more you try, the more things worked against you? That was me Sunday. I had registered DD#1 and #2 and Niece #1 (7yo) for the Anthem Blue Goo race. DD#3 was just going to go along and watch. There came a point about an hour before we were supposed to be there that I just had to step back and decide we weren't going. Niece #1 couldn't go because of her actions and attitude all weekend. DD#2 was acting like she didn't really want to do it afterall. DD#3 didn't deserve to go as she colored on the carpet with magic markers. I threw my hands up, said nevermind, and took a nap!

*** Finales and Flix ***
Since all of my TV shows are officially on hiatus after tonight (season finales of 24 and Medium), I've signed up for Netflix again. I've done this the last two summers and it has saved me from watching totally stupid TV. Last year on Netflix I watched so many movies it averaged out to costing about $1.75 per movie - not too shabby!

Speaking of TV and season finales ... did you watch Desperate Housewives last night?!?!?! OMG - it was hauling butt and answered a ton of questions/mysteries, but asked so many new questions. I can't WAIT for the new season.

*** Knitting ***
Bet you thought I'd never get to the knitting content ;- P

I finished another cotten chemo hat and cast on for the Bellini Lace Shawl from Morehouse Farms. Mine is in a variegated merino with shades of purple and deep pink. It's a very relaxing project to do. I cast on last night and I'm a good third of the way through. Hopefully progress pictures soon.

*** Al's a Ho ***
He's been asking me every day if you all agree with him that he should have his own blog rather than be a guest on mine. And Colette, you called this one right, he is QUITE the attention ho. I guess that was evident the moment you met him, huh?