Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, March 12

This Week's Installment

Oops - I missed doing this yesterday. Sorry!

Gimme 3 from 24 knits:

*List 3 things you've done that I probably haven't.

  1. Dated a professional baseball player.
  2. Spent a month in Puerto Rico.
  3. Airlifted to a hospital after auto accident.

*Tell me 3 things in your life that make you happy. (Keep in mind, that on any given day, each of these things can also make me miserable *grins*!)
  1. My daughters.
  2. Knitting.
  3. My friends and family.

*Tell me the last 3 things you did to treat yourself.
  1. Little blue box - picture this weekend, I promise.
  2. New knitty things (yarn swift and ball winder, Denise needles)
  3. Going to see Earth Wind & Fire tonight and getting tickets tomorrow *fingers crossed* to see Mamma Mia!