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Thursday, March 31

Honey - It's Just Yarn

I started this post a week ago but just wasn't able to get it together to finish. So now I have lots to share:

Since I was off Good Friday I had the chance to knit with the From the Heart ladies. I don't get this opportunity much during the week, so I jumped on it. I took DD#3 with me and her new project ... the Knitty Knobby. She's been driving me crazy wanting to learn to knit so I thought we'd start with this. Well, first I had to learn how to use it. Thankfully, that only took a few minutes. I sat down with her and showed her and VOILA! (Or Norma, is it Viola? )

There were about 20 ladies knitting or crocheting. We ranged in age from 4 to 81 - quite an impressive sight!

So, while DD#3 was working away, I pulled out my newest WIP - the Sophie bag. The lovely lady next to me, Anne, asked about it and we started talking about knitting and learning new techniques. I confessed that I'm frequently intimidated to try new things ... afraid I won't be able to do it ... afraid I'll mess it up. Ann's hands stopped in mid-stitch, she looked right at me and said, "What's to be afraid of? Honey, it's just yarn." And you know, she's absolutely right! What do I have to lose except perhaps a few yards of yarn and some time if something doesn't work? Well, okay, maybe some patience and a few hairs too, but we won't talk about that!

So, with those wise words, I look at my list of things-I-want-to-knit with new eyes. I no longer see a project and think "I can't do that" I look at the pattern and think "Ooh, I haven't done that yet, it's next on the list!"

If you haven't made up your mind yet about going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, perhaps this will seal the deal for you .... Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is scheduled to make a stop there on her book tour. Yeah Yarn Harlot!

One of the main reasons I haven't posted lately is I've been feeling pretty down. I touched on it briefly during a post a few weeks ago, but I haven't been able to shake it and like others in blogland, I'd prefer not to post a downer. I'm not looking for sympathy or pats on the back. I know it's part of life and just something I have to work through.

I said that to explain why the RAOK I received on Tuesday touched me so much that I cried. Colette - you're thougtfulness and kindness touched me and literally moved me to tears on a day when I was feeling total nothingness. I was sitting here having a regular pity party even though it was a simply beautiful day - the first day that felt like spring, but I just wasn't feeling it. I went to the mailbox and almost tossed the mail on the counter without even looking through it, but I noticed something in the stack wasn't completely flat. I pulled the suspect envelope out of the stack and opened it to find this:

Now folks, you've got to understand ... long before pink chibi madness started I secretly coveted them. I've quietly, almost furtively, checked every yarn, craft and sewing store I've visited for the last 2 years to see if they have one in stock but to no avail. I never mentioned my quest before my "Here a Chibi" post because it didn't seem important (and that post was born from a chibi on the brain moment). Imagine my surprise when pink chibi madness reached an almost fevered pitch not too long ago. At long last - the elusive pink chibi is mine. Colette, thank you again! You're my hero!