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Wednesday, March 2

Excuse me, I thought this was a knitting blog!

Yes yes yes - this is a knitting blog. But you know - sometimes life gets in the way. Before I go any further, I want to thank everybody for your recent comments. Sorry I haven't been better about responding, but I'll work on it.

I think Funky February finally got to me. Last week I was just kind of blah. Work was kind of blah. Knitting was kind of blah *gasp!* Can you believe I said that?!?! Surely I didn't say that, not me, she who knits at sporting events (hockey, NFL, baseball), school functions, at church, lunch, in the loo and anywhere else she can see. Yes, gentle readers, it's true. Just take a cruise around blogland and you'll see I wasn't the only one experiencing suffering from it.

But, it's March and that means _________________ (I don't know, you fill in the blank).

I'm trying to see past the terribly cold, windy, blustery, wintry days and remember that good things are coming. Spring isn't far away (if we keep saying it, maybe it will come true). Let's see, what else is coming ...

  1. I was awaiting a groovy shipment from Adagio - it arrived today! Mmm - tea!
  2. This weekend I'm taking DD#2, #3 and Niece #1 to Home Depot for their monthly Kids Workshop. The girls love this. Last month they each built a heart shaped wooden shelf - too cute!
  3. Next weekend I'm going to see Earth Wind & Fire - YEAH!!!!! I can't wait. I saw them last summer and they were awesome so when I found out they were coming again, I bought my tickets.
  4. Sometime next week I should be receiving a little blue box tied with a pretty white ribbon. Hmmm - what could that be - and from where? Anyone care to guess?
  5. My first blog contest: Take a guess where that box may be coming from (leave me a comment). I'll take answers until the box actually arrives. When it does, I'll do a random drawing among the correct answers and send the winner a goodie! Let the commenting begin!

And since this is a knitting blog, here's some knitting content:

I've been working on a FunFur scarf for a woman who works across the hall. She doesn't know how to knit. I said I would knit it them if she bought the yarn (yes, there are 2 scarves). Now, what was I thinking? I have so many WIPs and things in the queue that if you see me start to agree to something like this again ... please ... I beg you ... STOP ME! I don't mind helping someone out, but knitting time is precious - I don't have the time I'd like to do the projects I want to do for me and mine. I'm almost finished the first one so it's all good.

I've set the 2nd pair of mittens aside momentarily as I am now a Test Knitter for South West Trading Company. Yeah me!!! This is so much fun. I'm currently knitting the Lacy Poncho in Bamboo (seen on their website) - one in Fiery Red, one in Purple. I am loving this yarn. It has such a wonderful drape and a nice sheen to it. LOVE IT! I hope to take some pictures of them this weekend so you can see for yourself (sorry to make you wait, but I really need daylight for these). I expect to have them both done next week and ready to send back to SWTC.

I'm planning to hit the LYS on Saturday and buy a ball winder and swift. I feel like a kid at the toy store - new fiber and knitty things are so exciting! I've been very impressed with some of the recent stash organization I've been seeing among fellow knitbloggers - I think I need to jump on that bandwagon too. My stash was originally limited to/contained in one box on a shelf in the closet. Uhh, the stash has SERIOUSLY outgrown that box and is slowly ... okay, not so slowly - sue me! ... spreading through the house. It keeps peeking at me, calling out my name, taunting me. So, I've got to get it under control. I really like the drawer thingies I've seen some of you using. And I like the idea of sorting it by fiber type vs. gauge. I also think I need to do a stash spreadsheet so I can "see" it all at a glance (without digging through the drawers). If anyone has a spreadsheet you've already done, and don't mind sharing, that would be wonderbar! Please email me.

Okay - I started this post over 30 minutes ago. I'm going to bed. G'night!