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Tuesday, March 8

Bad Blogger!

I was really hoping to be out of this funk ... but I guess not. Remember the happy thoughts of Spring - well it SNOWED on Saturday. What's up with that?!? It didn't stick but it was coming down to beat the band. Picture this, if you will - driving in the car with DD#2 and #3:

Them: (shrieking with delight) it's snowing, it's snowing, we can build a snowman.
Me: Sorry guys, it isn't really sticking.
Them: Why not?
Me: The ground is too warm and too wet.
For the next 30 minutes while we're driving - Them: Look, that one is sticking! Mom, that one stuck to the bush ... argh!

This morning's temperature was around 50, but it's supposed to drop to 30ish. It's raining now with some snow thrown in. No wonder I'm still blah.

Enough moping - on to better things.
  1. The kids had a ton of fun at Home Depot. They built little Tony Stewart cars - the wood is even orange - too cool.
  2. Counting down the days to Earth Wind & Fire.
  3. My long awaited package arrived and you were all correct: the little blue box was from Tiffany's. Can you say yummm? I'll try to post pictures tonight.
I got my yarn swift last week, but didn't get a ball winder (they were out - drat).

So, I ventured out to another LYS that I had never been to before. They had some beautiful yarn and their sample pieces were to die for - I wanted to knit them all. But, I won't be darkening their doorstep again. You know, there is something to be said for friendly, helpful customer service. I guess I've been spoiled by the wonderful ladies at Unraveled.

I've been working on the Lacy Ponchos in Bamboo. I've done the first panel of both ponchos and am almost finished the second panel of the red one. I'm really enjoying this yarn and will probably do a poncho in this for DD#1.

I've been really excited to see how many fellow knitbloggers will be going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May. I'll be there and really hope to meet up with some of you. And SP4 - I think we reveal ourselves the end of April so it would be PERFECT to meet in Maryland.

Greta mentioned Girl Scout cookies (mega yumm) - we get ours the end of this week. So if anyone out there is interested, just email me and I'm sure we can take care of all your GS Cookie needs!