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Friday, February 25

Gimme 3

Okay, I'm in. Here are my answers to 24 Knits' Friday fun:

*List 3 words you hate in the English language, if you actually have some.

  1. c*nt
  2. the n word
  3. baby's momma

*List 3 fashion statements you'd like to never see again. (Can we just assume fanny packs are a given?? And if you still wear one, please stop reading this blog ASAP. I can't have you tainting the rest of my audience.)
  1. bobby socks and pumps ... worn together (blech)
  2. flat brimmed baseball caps
  3. Daisy dukes
*List 3 traits that are an absolute requirement in a significant other.
  1. great sense of humor
  2. love me, love my kids (hey - it's a package deal)
  3. understand that I can be totally obsessive and irrational at times and subscribe to Elisa's philosophy of Flogic (and those who know me know that I don't really act like this ... well, nevermind)

And I promise, back to knitting content this weekend!